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National Drainage Academy

The National Drainage Academy (NDA) has been formed in conjunction with the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) and is made up of a network of NADC approved training providers.  These companies, many of which will be well known to you have joined the NADC in its efforts to promote the NADC certified contractor / DrainSafe scheme.

All NDA trainers have relevant industry experience and a recognised teaching qualification (Education and Training, Level 3 or equivalent).  It is the intention of the NADC and its partner training companies to raise industry standards across the UK & Ireland by providing contractors the opportunity to become certified.  Certification is key to the professionalisation of the drainage industry and we are pleased that so many companies have embraced this new, forward thinking approach.

National Drainage Academy, 2021


National Association of Drainage Contractors

The National Association of Drainage Contractors is a members' association for the drainage industry.  The NADC provides drainage contractors with a platform from which to have their say about the future of the drainage industry.  They also promote training to help raise standards within the industry and provide advice, guidance and commentary on regulatory developments too.

To date there are over 350 members of the NADC.


DrainSafe Scheme

                                                                                                    Drain Safe is an approved contractor scheme,

sponsored by the NADC.  Only companies that 

have proved their competence and professionalism 

can join the Drain Safe scheme.

                 DrainSafe, 2021


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